Lights for darkness

Christmas time brings lot of lights in the streets to forger the darkness.

Visit a Christmas market was better than I think, even was lot of people, I survived.

A long weekend with a nice visit to France, half of week tomorrow, days pass fast…

I can walk to look at the view near a farm. I like take pictures where I am, just capture the moment. The farm of this morning I liked a lot the area that I never been, hidden spots of map.

Places where you can stop very easily and enjoy the pleasure of the visit. I like to enjoy this small things when is posible in my job.

Small church in the forest and very good views. Solsonès is one of my favorite comarca of Catalunya, not lot of people, mountains, fields, forest and lot of buildings. Is the comarca of 1000 masies, the typical rural house in the countryside.

The last weekend is still on my mind, normally when you enjoy a trip. I like travel all the time, drive and change landscape everyday. I hope one day someday I can do it a long time with calm…

My job is the cheapest way to see lot of places, now even discover new places, always rural routes.

Empty village in a nice landscape with amazing views.

On the road

I enjoy traveling by car, because you can enjoy if you open your mimd and forget that you go from point A to B.

The nicest villages of Spain have this…
Stop everywhere to take a picture and look at the most interesting points.
Discover amazing landscapes
Villages out of the main road
Places that the art made interesting

Lot of places to discover, the map have lot of treasures to see at detail.

All the time to enjoy, until the end.

Walking somewhere over the valley

Despite sometimes you aren’t in highest point the view is better than in the top, everything look small, but still is posible to see some details.

Very close, view of Drones

I walk to find places to remember, forget bad things and dream with the eyes open. The freedom of walk alone in the nature, looking in the map for a good navigation.

Places that need to enjoy slowly, the time stops and you see a clear easy future

New place, the best thing to feel alive.

The perfect light in a perfect track

Talk about hiking or just a little thinking around your mind.

Clear track in a cloudy rain before the rain
The views on the top of my last adventure. Always thing the next, never be without projects, future without any clear day, just someday.

I would like to do this adventure, could be easier or maybe to complexe, but sometimes dreams come true. Life is too short to be blocked without any idea to scape, always free. Run away and feel the adrenaline of get lost…

The Spanish landscape

The Pyrenees

The pictures show some examples of the spanish landscape. I want to show how in the same country is posible to discover most of the European landscape.

I prefer to talk about Spain with my special view, my focus the climate, mountain, river and all the natural things. Spain is more than sun and beach and big touristic cities.

This is too much information for just one post. Natural regions is how I will write about.

I hope could be interesting to people that want to visit Spain.

I decided to do it in English, because there are less information.

All the pictures will be not profesional, some of them mine, other from friends.

This is a project for 2020.

Follow the blog to learn lot of things about Spain, also if you have any question, maybe I can answer…