Break the rules

Every week is necessary study a degree in Spain to understand the laws about the exit from this strange situation. Now I can move in a medical region to buy or visit friends. You can meet in groups of 10, but you only can walk in your village. Where I live, the limits aren’t very easy. Yesterday I was tired to see full tables in the streets, then I decided to break again the rules. I park my car in Centelles, but I went to another villages running. The mountain hasn’t clear limits, the cows don’t talk about you are outside of your village. I don’t find anybody, just a car lost in the forest.

There is a big paradise forest

In July the tourism will come to Spain, something normal is a big part of the economy. But still now I can’t visit my parents, there is only 40 kilometers. I have to wait more time, but when we can see, everything will be open. Too slow coming back to the new normal life, but in the calendar the first of July is the start of the race to come back the power of the tourism.

Look the world from a castle in this crazy times.

I want to be patience, because this only the beginning of a new society that will support lot of change in the next years. Sometimes is better if you don’t know anything and just live your life, but this global situation is very difficult to get totally out of it.

In the shadow of the forest, everything looks more logical.
Walls that have seen lot of changes, if they can speak I will learn a big lesson

I prefer take a distance to see with a different view the problems. The walls aren’t high when you look far away, break the rules and see from outside.

The castle looks diferent from outside, built in the top of the rock to control everything and be safe.

Sweet dreams

2 months in the same village the only way to travel is virtual or just remember the past.

For me is really strange the last weeks when I only drove 3 times. I was a professional driver always moving everyday. My moving window, the best thing to discover the world.

We adopted a dog to walk with her, the owners don’t walk too much. Wendy is a Beagle and needs long walking, we do it in family, is a good idea to walk all together. I love walk with my family.

Wendy the new member of the family, just to walk but we love.

During this weeks I learnt the limits of my village even better. I’m a runner and ten 10 years in Centelles I discovered most of the ways and places of the village.