My nightmare call summer

I don’t like summer, I just survive. Long days now, but hard to move in the central hours.

Now I’m driving a truck without air conditioning, hard after lunch, looking for a shadow. My route is very industrial are, I don’t like the place that I work, but is just a job.

A quiet place with some truck drivers with the cemetery of neighbor…

This year isn’t raining a lot and the river where I enjoyed last year is dirty with less water.
The last weekend started the really summer temperatures, now we are like 5°Above the average of June.

June is hard, sun is very strong and the body still not adapted to the warm temperatures.
I always need a cold shower before sleep, stay a little bit outside to refresh the skin.

Rex also is more tired and needs more water

Summer is the perfect time to die, because is hard to fight against the warmest temperatures, the body is tired, the brain also… For me the cold give me peace, is easier to have a warmest place, but in summer less options to survive. Like the animals, less activity, isn’t the true working.

I like to look more fresh images…

I will wait for autumn to really enjoy again in the middle good moments to refresh mind and body…

Warm nights

Nights that we call Tropical when the temperature at night is above 20°.

The Mediterranean is normal this temperature when the water is warm like now that is warmer than usual. But other problems are the cities that every year warmer. Lot of air conditioning at home, locals and vehicles, but all this warm goes outside with too much asphalt and high buildings. The temperature isn’t posible to down in short nights, because the asphalt and the buildings keep the warm of a sunny day.

The climate is getting warmer, and the cities more, it mean that warm nights now are also inland in big cities as Madrid. In the coast is more humid, but in the center of Peninsula during the day could be very warm, 35° and the minimum can’t go down to refresh a house without air conditioning.

This picture from Lleida. This picture isn’t mine, Albert take this sunset.
Warm nights during the year in Spain

In my village the warm nights aren’t usual, 1-2 is the normal in the last years. Warm nights in my village are when the clouds from the storms stay at night without rain, of course in very warm situation.

The Mediterranean breeze help to have lower maximum, but at night gets that is less colder that areas with less Mediterranean influence.

Castilla y Leon is the region with more contrast, could be very warm and dry, but when the sun comes down is cold. Even in areas close to the mountain could freeze in summer, microclimates of Spain with lot of mountain.

Medium of minimum temperatures in Spain
High temperatures normal in July
The landscape of July