Tomorrow again

First day after holiday is hard. I’m tired to follow a crazy routine, but there isn’t any exit.

Stupid crazy world with the timetable everywhere, the magic blood of the money and the power.

Nice to be in a society to have enemies and feel alone where is people everywhere.

Life is short, maybe because we wait always something. Now I’m waiting the rain, is here and I feel better.

The train of your life…

Enjoy small things like sleep well. Dreams where everything is posible, and every night is different.

The end, when nothing cares is normal to be afraid, but enjoy your trip. Look at the window, talk, smile, there isn’t any stop.

The life with colors is better

Too fast, too many things to do, but lot of time to get your piece of meat and to pay the quiet life of the power.

Lot of years, but not free to choose, the luck to be in the good place.

Breathe deep, forget everything, sleep and tomorrow the trip continue, maybe is your last stop…

I need to be more like Rex

Un buena ruta

500 kilometros con 2 noches fuera, una vez más en la Alta Cerdanya. Buen precio y lugar de entreno de muchos atletas, ya que te permite entrenar en llano a más de 1600 metros, rodeado de montañas, lagos.

Es una zona soleada y relativamente seca. Bosques de pinos y abetos, muy fría en invierno. Al Capcir que es una antigua comarca catalana, le denominan la Siberia catalana o pequeña Canada.

El Capcir me encanta, la próxima escapada quiero dormir aquí…
Lagos y bosques llenos de senderos
Una maravilla para senderismo
Sesión running desde el apartamento con pistas aún con nieve

Un lugar ideal para los amantes del frío, personalmente una gozada ir abrigado.

Un pequeño lago al lado de los apartamentos

Ayer de vuelta un poco de ruta por una diversidad de paisajes, del frío a el mundo mediterraneo.

Siguiendo el río Aude como salida natural
Río abajo, rumbo al Norte

Finalmente resiguiendo una linea de tren hacia Perpignan.

Viñas y una primavera en estado puro en un día de calor, pasando de la chaqueta a la manga corta. Contrastes de las diferentes regiones naturales en pocos kilómetros.

Don’t make me angry

Monday could be hard if people don’t think that for everyone is monday.

I don’t like people that just are waiting a fail to tell that you shouldn’t do it. The negative point of view that never see all the good things you did it.

Even is better don’t think too much, I can’t, I need to explote and put the person on my black list. I talk about, outside bad things, my balance is more important.

Peaceful landscape

Relax music and deep breathe to keep calm…

The last month of the year, time to think how fast is the time.

Happy moments

I find my way, I don’t want to go down again, nobody will stop me now.
I don’t care of most of problems that are just money, persons are more important, we should try to understand more the real people that we find every day in our routine, we share more than beers, the important moments are just now…

Listen who ask for help, maybe tomorrow is later.

The world could be a nice place when you are out of your darkness

A jugar con la nieve

Después de días de bastante nieve en los Pirineos, vale la pena disfrutar en persona. Hemos podido jugar con el trineo en Alp, en el pueblo como a mi me gusta. La nieve la disfruto más en un pueblo que en las pistas, es más especial.

Otro motivo para ir a la nieve, era conseguir una buena fotografía para mi publicación 1000 en Instagram.

1000 publicaciones
También un pequeño video para mi canal de YouTube

Un poco de hemeroteca para sobrevivir a los paisajes industriales cotidianos en mis días laborales.

Han visto todos nuestros juegos
Un paisaje espectacular la Cerdanya con nieve
Muñecos de nieve gigantes, divertido y relativo esfuerzo físico

Una escapada corta, pero intensa en la búsqueda de un paisaje totalmente diferente.

Postal familiar

Rex le entusiasma la nieve y los caballos también, aunque su primer encuentro con uno de estos de patas gordas fue de bastante miedo. Es curioso, pero prudente con el resto de animales.

Huellas del trineo al final del día

Guerra de bolas de nieve y descenso en trineo han sido las actividades familiares de más éxito.

Bridge to anywhere

December is the month with more holiday days. Today is a working day very strange.

Time to relax, enjoy it because is too fast the time.

Tired is good recover energy
True love

Tired at this part of the year, again christmas to put light in the darkness. The society is very dark now, worried by the same of lot of months.

Spend money, be happy, go out, meet people but be careful the monster is still outside, stronger with another evolution…

Save the planet using lot of things to survive.

Control to divide the society, new religion to survive the system. The earth don’t care is just another business.

A quiet place in my industrial route

Fight from inside, because now I’m doing the correct way. Of course I’m hard to control, I need my own space, feel that I’m special. The feeling of control part of your life is important.

Future still hurts in my mind, I don’t see clear. We will see important changes in this society. 2030 is the near future…

Quiet places to clear the mind

Winter is near, the circle is going to finish, again to the light…

Autumn time to remember

Colors in the nature helps to survive the shorter days. Christmas lights helps to give light in the cities.

I like the cold better than warm days, I feel more happy, but I know that our winter isn’t cold. This morning just 1,6°, but the sun and the high pressure brings big contrast in the temperature.

This week I come back to talk with my partners of mechanic class. Nice to know about them after 21 years.

Nice to remember a group that love the cars, we studied in the last century. World changed a lot, the cars also, most of us prefer old cars.

17 years old

Today is my nephew birthday, 18 years old. My nephew is older than me in the last picture.

Lot of people in my life, they help to see all points of view. People that helps when you are nervous, they help to feel better.

Hours of conversations, sometimes just some words come with you all your life.

We are a small part of all the people in this personal live show.

Every day is new, but we know more about the film

I think too much always, but is my way of life. I need time to think, even is dangerous when this thoughts are like a road to anywhere.

The way is easier to follow when you walk

Terapia de colores

Hoy he podido disfrutar de las magnificas tonalidades del otoño en un bosque espectacular.

En una zona que es bastante popular, he podido disfrutar de la soledad y el silencio del bosque. Senderos alternativos con mucha maleza y desnivel fuerte, fácil de perderse hasta con gps. Rex con su olfato ha sido un guía eficaz, ha cuidado de mi en los tramos delicados.

Rincones mágicos

Un día un poco más frio, nublado y con bastante barro tras una semana que ha llovido y con poca insolación.

Sin palabras
Bosques inmensos con muchos senderos
Desde un pequeño claro
El mejor compañero de aventuras
Un recorrido circular perfecto, pero exigente y mucho tramo sin señalizar…

Not bad

I feel less stress the last week, I find the way to survive more relax.

All the problems in the world with truck drivers are normal. Hard work, the last step, sometimes the face of a company, but too many times treated not very well.

Driver with lot of task to do, normally with a high level of stress. More work that you can do it. Same salary of 20 years ago, small have problems to survive.

Old trucks, sometimes old tires but ready to eat the road.

Always lot of hours out of home, eat outside and all the time al the last minute.

Don’t think too much, out of the tunnel

I like driving, the window move around. The road give me time to be out of my fog…

See how the landscape change
Discover new places or just in a different point of view

I like be friendly with my customers, I feel like mine, sometimes is a problem, now isn’t my business. I can only work like this, I’m the same person, I need to talk with the people that I find. I work better when I feel that they see like a friend. I say the truth, they trust on me, that’s very important for me to get sense of this way of life.

There’s choices for me, I’m the same person…

14 años

Festivo para celebrar y disfrutar lo que uno quiera.

Hace 14 años que somos pareja, una aventura que ha formado una familia.

Pero hoy toca recordar ese Octubre del 2007 en que después de 3 años de amistad, con intentos de llegar a ser algo más, por fin ponemos en marcha la aventura de ser pareja.

Octubre 2007

No es una fácil, llena de retos y obstáculos. De momento sigue, con poco tiempo para poderse dedicar, demasiadas responsabilidades.

Acercándose peligrosamente a los 40, compartiendo experiencias…
Algún día viviremos otra etapa de grandes excursiones

Fotos antiguas que dan fe de esta gran aventura de vivir.

Muchas horas de conversación en los momentos más importantes de nuestras vidas.

Abrazos, besos y caricias que se quedan en el alma.

Confianza ganada que a veces te hace olvidar detalles básicos.

Muchos kilómetros de paseos por diferentes rincones
Muchos paisajes espectaculares

Te quiero Mari Pau…