I changed my mind

Since the last Monday I was working again. After a few months looking to recover my energy to work again.

I’m doing better than I expected. I changed the way. I do my job and I don’t care anything.

I feel free when I’m driving the truck, better long trips. I’m alone with my music and maps to know how to arrive to the new places.

Some places I went everyday. I like my route is very nice, not big cities and traffic jams.

I try to lunch in places like this.

This is how I see my life, enjoy some moments is very important. Just work is stressful and isn’t very healthy.

Cold water helps to be better in this warm days

This week was complicated for the blog, but I hope to recover time to write something interesting.

Still alive is this blog, looking for news ideas with a different life.

Nice places to lunch better that at home.

The time passes slowly in the nature and the stress goes out. Listen the water and the birds, out of the society.

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