Weekend to live

Working from Monday to Friday, the weekend helps to feel that you have a life.

Autumn finally is near, too warm this month.

Today I did a little bit of nature adventure, so difficult to run, any clear way, even was clear in the map. Forest and the river, not clear but safe with my best friend. Rex know very well to find the way to come back to the car.

Lost in the jungle
No fear…

Strange place, a church closed to arrive walking, the main track imposible to find. The forest like a Netflix movie, maybe I can go to 1985…

It isn’t 1985, but looks a nice place, anybody there…

After the excursion I eat well and rest a little to recover.

Another excursion this afternoon with Rex.

Nice park to play with children

Easier way to walk…

Nice quiet Saturday, time with my family. Rex needs lot of activity, and nature is perfect to forget the stress of the week. I’m lucky to live in a place where the nature is quite interesting, green paradise.

Maps online helps to discover places, when you get up is easier to go where you want. Discover new places to walk or run.

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