Come back to the nature

After the look down of the cities, maybe lot of people want to leave it.

It’s a good opportunity to have a better of distribution of the population.

Until now people live in the city for the services. Now without shop, online shopping is getting more popular, without pubs, restaurants, theaters, cinemas… The parks closed, beach where is forbidden take a bath.

I’m living in a village 10 years ago. I leave the metropolitan are of Barcelona 12 years ago. 1 year without working in the city, only my parents are the connection with the city, for the rest I don’t need.

I love the mountain, my quality of life is walk, run in the forest.

My father lived in this house in Extremadura. Always talks with nostalgic of the birds there.
Now is just another field, with a destroyed house.
The grandfather of my father plant this trees 70 years ago. Eucalyptus was very popular in Spain, even isn’t the best tree.

My parents came to the city looking for a better life, now I think world is going to change. The only thing that you need is a good connection to internet. The services will come back with the people. Spain needs to conserve nice village, but they need people. The new countryside where isn’t necessary work the earth like a profesional.

The forest is increasing every year. The fields in the mountain are now forest, you can see walls in the middle of the forest to show how was the past.

We have better forest around the village than in the past. People work in different activities…
Just a few hours to have like this…
The forest is hidden some parts of the past.
Here one hundred years ago less trees and fields in stairs.

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  • I’m somewhat skeptical about this. Some people may move to rural areas, but not everyone. There simply isn’t enough room !
    Not to mention things like school, hospitals etc.

    And most of the people nowadays simply hate to stay home. They want to travel fare away and they don’t care much for the near surroundings. Will a rural homestead fit them?

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      • Back in 1950, Spain had a population of 28 million. Now there are 47 million. Even if you fill the villages to the maximum, there will still be big big cities.

        However, after this tragic covid episode, many people of many kinds will move to the rural area. You are going to have a reshaped village, with little connection to the past.

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      • There would be too many things to say. 🙂 The Rumanian village passed through the so-called communist regime, the forced collectivization of agriculture, and there were hard times. Everything was in favor of leaving the village. But the villages where no collectivization was enforced (e.g. in mountainous areas) had a far better fate. And there also were some good things, for instance the significant improvement of education in rural areas. Sons and daughters of allmost illiterate peasants went to college; education was fairly good and cheap.

        Nowadays we are facing massive emigration. So, there is a considerable depopulation. Many people go to work in Italy, Spain :), Germany, U.K. ; for them, the village is no place to live, but to retire. The villages in the vicinity of towns are becoming a kind of rural suburbs; they will survive and maybe flourish.
        Some villages in picturesque areas became popular destinations in domestic tourism, but these are exceptions.

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