Madrid wait for me

Next week a few days in Madrid, in the mountain. We go to see my sister in law, pregnant.

I need this holidays to rest a little, change routine, specially get up later. Spring mornings are hard to get up, even the light start before, the time that I drive at night is hard.

I look places to discover, but less than usual, the last should be the moment or maybe just enjoy the adventure.

Now is very warm, the winter finished in one day, usually come back later, but spring is here. The place that we stay could be cold, similar to Centelles.

Work in rural ways where you can see more animals than people

In 2010 at this moment people enjoy the snow in Barcelona city. The first snow with smartphones, Facebook, we discovered the power of the pictures. Anything that happens somebody put a image to show.

The world full of pictures a cheapest way to travel. Easy to prepare any adventure in places that are totally new for you.

Landscape that I love

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