Inside peace

Small things that help to forget all is around you, relax and see and exit to your problems.

Maybe I’ll come back to swim, I haven’t too much time, but if I can go somedays should be perfect to my back. I like swim, inside the water I can think and feel like in another world. When I run long distance also I feel it.

Nice to discover some street art

Music brings peace, I can listen some of them very strange, sounds that help to sleep and do meditation.

Winter is arriving to the end, the sun is stronger, the light win every day. I feel warm in the sun at midday, after a few weeks of cold, the body needs to adapt. Mornings still cold, this is usual until April.

The shorter month brings some remember from other years, but every year are more and is difficult to remember all details of all February. Some days of short sleeve, snow, carnival, birthdays, holidays, long running route… All was in this month, the end of the winter, the air start to smell spring. Green fields, some flowers in the trees, changes are so fast.

Open road with nice flat landscape…

Another lap in the world of 4 seasons. Every single day is different, like everyone.

Just today

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